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Hi, I’m Sam!

I have 13 years hairdressing experience, working in busy salons in Brisbane and Sydney.

4 and a half years ago, Sam Everitt Hair was born after having some time off to have my daughter. Starting my business allowed me to fill a gap in the industry where I created amazing relationships with my clients by providing 1:1 service. My clients followed along my journey of building our house, having my son and moving in to our beautiful house in Ripley where I came back off of maternity leave and back in to busy mum/business owner life for the 2nd time.

In January 2022 I moved in to the incredible Briella Beautiful Collective in Eastern Heights. Here you will find a holistic wellness hub of independent businesses where we encourage you to be the authentically YOU!

I have had extensive colour and styling training including completing my bridal makeup course with celebrity makeup guru Dale Dorning and Amelia Jane from Millie the Space Blonding workshop.

I have grown so much in my business over the years and have achieved so many amazing things - it's really crazy when I step back and take a look back.

I can’t wait to meet you,

Much love, SE.

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